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Coastal 12 Inch Pro Aerated Bottom Drain 4" (Concrete)

The New Improved Coastal Pro Aerated 4" bottom drain, this is with out doubt in our opinion the best aerated drain on the market,

These have just got even better, they now have a greater clearance from the top of the pipe once inserted, to the top flange giving over 60mm of clearance allowing a greater depth of concrete to be laid over the pipe, no other drain does this, it also still has the best rubber air diffuser out there which can take far greater volumes of air when needed.

Coastal Koi exclusive design bottom drain now has the very latest 12" Gummi Jager diffuser World leaders in this field

Has a 1" air feed direct to the diffuser, eliminating flexible pipe and means no stagnent water can accumulate in the air pipe.

The diaphram can handle 200Ltrs we recommend between 30-175 Ltrs this will also depend greatly on the depth of pond

A real must have for any koi pond,its built to last has a 4" pressure pipe outlet but can also be used with waste pipe where a reducer sleeve will be required.

In our opinion one of the best on the market, fully tested and works superb and hundreds and hundreds sold over the years

Available for concrete or liner ponds. THIS ONE IS THE CONCRETE MODEL

Also please note you will need 1 inch pressure pipe 3 x 1 90 bends and 2 x 1 inch 45 degree bends when plumbing this drain in

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