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Hailea ACO-9730 60 Ltr Silent Air Pump

60 Ltr. SUPER SILENT low wattage (35-38 Watts) water proof air pump offering superb quality at a great price. We have been using these in various applications for over 2 years with excellent reliabilty.

Completly waterproof and manufactured to a very high standard. These pumps adopt an alloy outer case incorporating a double damping system and noise absorbing function making them high in performance and low in noise (Almost silent running )

Suitable for ponds 2000 to 4000 gallons.

Pumping depth: This will vary a little depending on the type and number of dispersion tools used but would be in the range 1.2 - 1.9 mtrs (48"-72")

Replacement diahpragms unlike other well known makes Do not cost an arm and a leg and are available from us next day for less than the price of a few mtrs. of air line.

240 Volt 60 Ltrs / min 0.04 Mpa (5.5 psi)and only 35-38 watts

Please note:We have tested these pumps and have found that they delivery 70ltrs of air and range between 35-39 watts

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