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Aqua Eco 10,000-SW Sine Wave Water Pump Inc 2 x Unions

New...! Sine Wave technology

Aqua Eco 10,000-SW Sine Wave Vario Pump

The New improved Aqua Eco Vario 10,000-SW water pump incorporating Sine Wave technology.Inc 2 x 1.5 inch female threaded unions....

We are pleased to offer you this ultra reliable variable speed water pump, that now utilises Sine Wave technology which in effect makes them even more efficient and quieter, Sine Wave is normally only associated with pumps that are far more expensive thats until now, these pumps are simply un matchable for what you get for your money....!

Extremely low power consumption
Fully variable flow, inc external controller
IC electronic detection, automatic power-off protection upon no water.
Motor protection if rotor is blocked
With wear-resistant ceramic shaft for longer operation life.

Aqua Eco 10,000SW Specifications

Varibale speed
Max Head 5mtrs at Zero Head
Max Flow 10,000ltrs
Watts 30-85 aprox

Min pump flow setting is 30% to Max 100%

Wattage at 30% = aprox 30 watts & Flow Rate Approx 6,200ltrs
Wattage at 100 % = aprox 85 watts & Flow Rate Approx 10,500ltrs

This pump also comes with 3 different size hosetails if you wish to use with flexible pipe,it also comes supplied with 2 x 1.5 inch female threaded unions which fit direct to pressure pipe,

Also in the box you will find a small black plastic box this is to be used and clamped together around the plug connecting the pump to the controller.

Please Note: These come with a legal UK 3 Pin moulded Plug unlike so many others nowadays....!

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