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koyoshi Pre & Probiotic Autumn/Spring mix 10kg Bucket 4-6mm pellet


Koyoshi Pre & Probiotic Autumn/Spring mix 2kg Bucket

Koyoshi Autumn Spring mix has been specially formulated recipe and includes a 50% inclusion of Koyoshi All-Season and 50% of Koyoshi Wheatgerm & garlic, an ideal food to use going into and out of winter, it enables your Koi to get used to a lower protein diet before changing over to Wheatgerm fully for the much cooler months of the year, also very good for feeding coming out of winter and again getting your koi switched over to the summer food, it can also be used very successfully as an all-round summer food also.we have been using this mix for the last 4 years very successfully indeed.

Another high quality food for a very reasonable price available in 2kg,5kg and 10kg reusable buckets.

A really Top quality food at a price thats affordable

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