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25kg Sack Granulated activated carbon

25kg sack of granulated activated carbon

Please note this is far superior quality than the sticks of carbon it works far more effectively in the larger blue canister units and this carbon is a lot less dense in weight

The best quality carbon and its granulated far better than sticks as the surface area is far greater superb ar removing Chlorine and Chloramine especially when use in one of the large Aqua Dechlor vessels.

Our Activated carbon is a high activity Granular Activated Carbon manufactured by high temperature steam activation from selected grades of Coconut shell.
Its suitable for use in a wide variety of liquid purification and applications such as drinking water, water treatment,POU/POE water Treatment,dechlorination and ozone removal.
The well developed microporous structure of this carbon gives a significant advantage when absorbing molecular weight organic molecules.

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