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Evolution Aqua Blanket Weed 4Kg


Evolution Aqua Blanketweed is the 100% natural solution for blanket weed.

Evolution Aqua Blanketweed is 100% fish, plant and wildlife safe and using it won't negatively affect any beneficial bacteria or biological filters. It can be used in any ornamental ponds or closed bodies of freshwater and UV clarifiers do not need to be turned off when using it.

- 100% natural blanketweed solution

- Fast acting and effective

- Fish, plant and wildlife safe

- Visible results within days

Directions for use

Calculate your pond volume in litres: (Length (m) x Width (m) x Depth (m) x 1000)

Add one scoop of Evolution Aqua Blanketweed powder per 400 litres of pond volume, to a watering can.

Fill the watering can with pond water and stir. Sprinkle the solution evenly over the pond surface. Evolution Aqua Blanketweed gets to work on your pond instantly. Repeat every 14 days as required.

- 800g will treat a pond up to 10,000 litres (2,200 UK Gallons)

- 2kg will treat a pond up to 25,000 litres (4,400 UK Gallons)

- 4kg will treat a pond up to 50,000 litres (8,800 UK Gallons)

- Available in 800g, 2kg and 4kg

Another Best Seller

Note: This product is exactly the same product as the Gloverleaf Blanket Answer but Cheaper.....!

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