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  Small Air pumps and Pump packages

This section contains a selection of generally lower output pumps.

Included are a few package offers we consider suitable for small pond or quarantine set ups.

We have also included in this section some multiple outlet pumps suitable for running several smaller tanks either quarantine or breeding.

Please note although these pumps are generally sold as aquarium air pumps We at COASTAL consider most would be audible in a quiet room and not suitable for use within the confines of the living room.

Any air pump we consider quiet enough as not to intrude too much will be clearly marked.

This page is still under construction more Items will be added in due course. Thank you for looking

Please Remember

All our pices include V.A.T. :

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Single Outlet Adjustable Air Pump. ACO-9601

Equiped with Single 3.2 ltr/min adjustable outlet .

Reasonably quiet for inside use. When evaluating this pump we found it quietest when sited on a carpeted floor behind the sofa. It is always difficult to assess noise as opinions differ widely on what is acceptable.

Will pump to a depth of between 24" and 30"

The air pump is not waterproof and would need to be kept dry if used outside.

240 volt, 60Hz, 2.0 Watt, >0.012Mpa, 3.2 L/min, <40dB,

Dimensions : L. 15cm x W. 8cm x H. 7cm

Our price : £10.50 | Members Price: £9.97
Small air pump Package 1 ACO-2204

Air Pump package for the smaller pond or Quarantine Tank up to 500 gls and 30" deep, and Includes :

* Hailea A C O 2204 2 x 2ltrs/min. Air pump
* Two off Non Return valves.
* A Five Way chromed brass manifold.
* Five off 50x25mm Budget air stones.
* And 15 Mtrs. 4mm Air-line

This small air pump is not waterproof and would need to be kept dry.

Our price : £22.50 | Members Price: £21.38

Basket total: £0.00

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