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  The OASE philosophy is "Reliable. Responsible. Innovative." and is the main reason for the outstanding quality of OASE products:

All products and product specification are precisely communicated. OASE has no need to embellish technical specifications. Our products and our service are the market reference and ahead of any competition. This means: "What you see is what you get!"

During development of our products we take special care for the highest degree of environmental sustainability. Even more so: We do not develop any products that might harm the environment. Treating available energy resources with respect is just as self-evident for us as supporting recycling processes.

Any OASE product development aims to help you make your creative dreams come true in a reasonable and effective way.

This is the only way of continuously creating products worthy of the OASE brand, products known for decades for their superior quality and innovative ideas.

Last but not least, OASE manufactures in Germany to optimally live up to the high quality standard and quickly advance in developing new products and enhancing existing products.

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Aquamax Eco Premium 4000

Oase Eco Premium Aquamax 4000 Waterfall & Filter Pond Pump

Energy-efficient motor
Reliable flow rate with even lower energy consumption
Intelligent frost protection technology- Frost protectionto temperatures as low as -20oc
Second inlet allows water to be drawn from differentpond zones (accessories required).
Flow control - mechanically and electronically
Solids up to 11mm
Environmental Function Control protects against dryrun and blocking
3 + 2 Year request warrantyAquamax Eco TWIN
The professionals filter and watercourse pump with two individually controllably motor units

Max Flow: 4000 litres / 880 gallons

Wattage: 40 watts

Max Lift: 3.2m

Our price : £242.99
Aquamax Eco Premium 6000

Oase Eco Premium Aquamax 6000 Waterfall & Filter Pond Pump

Max Flow: 6000 litres / 1320 gallons

Wattage: 50 watts

Max Lift: 3.6m

Our price : £274.99
Aquamax Eco Premium 8000

Oase Eco Premium Aquamax 8000 Waterfall & Filter Pond Pump

Max Flow: 8000 litres / 1758 gallons

Flow @ 0.5m: 6960 litres / 1531 gallons

Flow @ 1.0m: 6000 litres / 1320 gallons

Flow @ 1.5m: 4920 litres / 1082 gallons

Flow @ 2.0m: 4020 litres / 884 gallons

Flow @ 3.0m: 1920 litres / 422 gallons

Max Lift: 4.0m

Wattage: 65 watts

Our price : £384.99
Aquamax Eco Premium 12000

Oase Eco Premium Aquamax 12000 Waterfall & Filter Pond Pump.

Max Flow: 12000 litres / 2640 gallons

Flow @ 0.5m: 10800 litres / 2374 gallons

Flow @ 1.0m: 9600 litres / 2112 gallons

Flow @ 1.5m: 8400 litres / 1846 gallons

Flow @ 2.0m: 7200 litres / 1584 gallons

Flow @ 3.0m: 4800 litres / 1056 gallons

Wattage: 110 watts

Max Lift: 5mtrs

Our price : £469.99
Aquamax Eco Premium 16000

Oase Eco Premium Aquamax Waterfall & Filter Pond Pump

Max Flow: 15600 litres / 3432 gallons

Wattage:145 watts

Our price : £519.99

Basket total: £0.00

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