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What is Media

In simple terms the pond filter contains media on which a large amount of specific bacteria grow. These bacteria are required in order to digest the pollutants created by fish bodily wastes building up in the pond water. Think of the bacteria as clinging to all possible surfaces in the pond filter box. This means the more surface there is then the greater the space for the bacteria to cling to and the more the amount of bacteria there can be.

Illustrated imediately below are two of the most popular types of modern Polyethelene (PE) media available.

Illustrated left above is the ployethlene (PE) Bead media as used in all modern bead filter applications.

To the right above The ever popular Biocell media.

Another relative new media from us is the absolutely superb Crystal Bio As used by Mr Ogata at the Ogata Koi Farm, Japan. Please see first item below.

Please contact us if you require more information or a A specimen sample of media

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