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  Catalytic Granulated carbon

Catalytic carbon is the only carbon to use if you are in an area which suffers from very high levels of Chloramine in your incoming water,Cataltic carbon has been scientifically produced and proven to remove Chlorine and Chloramine,

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25kg Sack Catalytic Granulated Carbon

Catalytic Activated Carbon

Catalytic Carbon is the new generation of activated carbon, it offers enhanced Catalytic properties in all oxidation, reduction,and decomposition applications plus all the capabilities of standard carbon,

The increased Catalytic performance of this Carbon enables improved performance in existing applications while simultaneously opening up new range of possibilities Cataltic carbon can be regenerated in situ by rinsing with pure water.

Common Applications

H2S control Convert H2S to sulphate to improve sour taste and odour

Chloramine Control Faster removal rates than standard activated carbon

Iron Oxidation Increases oxidation rates

Sulfite Control Oxidises sulfites to sulfates

Peroxide Control Quick and total removal of hydrogen peroxide

Hydrazine Quick and total removal of hydrazine

Remember Granulated Activated Carbon will remove Chlorine and Chloramine don’t let others tell you differently if you live in an area where Chloramine levels are far greater than what we would consider normal. don’t move over to Char Bone Carbon this is no more efficient as normal carbon, you need to consider using the Catalytic Carbon which is without doubt the best carbon to use for extreme levels,
Any queries before purchasing just give us a call and we can help you decide what best for you application.

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