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  Miscellaneous Media Products  

Filter Griding

Used to support you media whilst in your fiter

A plastic type filter grid measuring 680x400mm
It can be easily cut to suit the support of many different medias.

Our price : £9.99 | Members Price: £9.49
Perforated Plastic Sheets 1mtr x 1 mtr x 3 mm

Perforated sheets which are available for media support in filters these are one metre square and are suitable for use with all media, being easily cut to size if necessary

Ideal to use when converting a multibay filter to hold Kaldness

Our price : £45.95 | Members Price: £43.65
Media Sacks

Filter Media Sacks are a most useful to contain Media in such as, Flocor or Alfagrog Cyrstal Bio etc.

Made from a plastic resin base, these very strong sacks are ideal for all filter media and can be fully submerged without, Designed with a draw cord for quick sealing.

The ideal solution for gaining simple access for periodic cleaning to the filter

Our price : £1.75 | Members Price: £1.66

Alfagrog media has been used for many years,its also an excellent media for use in trickle showers,

Our price : £23.08 | Members Price: £21.93
Oyster Shell Halves 5kg

Oyster Shells

Premium Oyster Shell Halves in Zipped Net Bag

As Used By All The Best Koi Breeders In Japan

These are the best quality Large Oyster Shell Halves available, each Oyster shell is of a premium quality and full size.
Sakura Oyster shell Halves are used to buffer and maintain a constant pH in your Koi pond.

Oyster Shell Halves are contained within a superior quality, zipped, netted bag rather than the draw string cheaper alternative.

Ideally used within a submerged media filter or shower filter shuch as the "Roto Shower Tube". They can also be used directly within the pond, close to a return flow.

Our price : £33.55 | Members Price: £31.87

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