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New range of shower filters including a 4 tier stainless steel version

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4 Tier Stainless Steel Shower

4 Tier Stainless Steel Shower

Our Showers are all made from food grade 316 stainless steel and have been fabricated to the highest of standards, all showers consist of 4 Tiers and a bottom wier as standard, these showers offer exeptional vlaue for money when comparing them to others available on the market,


Width 830mm or 33 inches

Height 1230mm or 48 inches

Each tier measures 300mm wide 12 inches at the bottom and 400mm or 16 inches at the top and the depth of each tier is 300mm deep 12 inches.

Please note no spray bar is included

Photo of inside one of the tiers

Showers not only offer a great way of filtering a pond on its own running after a sieve or similar,but can also be added to run as many choose to as an add on piece of filtration from a skimmer line,we highly reccomend using Cyrstal Bio Media with these showers we have tried and tested them using this and the results speak for themself.

Some of the benefits you will get when using showers is the extra oxygen it can produce when water is crashing through the media, also when using in conjuction with Crstal Bio Media you will very quickly see an improvement in your water quality.

Our price : £695.00 | Members Price: £660.25
4 Tier Shower Large 1.5mtrs Double

New double Shower

4 Tier Shower 1.5mtrs long and double width

When ordering this size shower there is normally a lead time of aprox 2-3 weeks

Our price : £1495.00 | Members Price: £1420.25
Aqua Shower Medium

Aqua shower medium

Ideal for those that don't have room for the larger stainless steel shower the Aqua shower medium comes complete with 4 tiers spray bar and a lid ready to go!,This shower would easily run a pond of 3000 gallons on its own if not more with a good media in it so a real great add on for any system.

1.5 Inch Spray bar already fitted and included in the price!

All Aqua Showers come complete with a lid included in the price.

Aqua Shower Specifications

:Height:930mm 93cm 36.5 Inches

:Width:320mm 32cm 12.5 Inches

:Length:665mm 65.5cm 26 Inches

:Inlet pipe 1.5 Inches male thread

:Spray Bar 1.5 inches with 8mm holes

:Max Flow Rate:15000lph or 3300gph

Please Note: the bottom Tier has no screen in it so this can just be filled up with your chosen media.

Our price : £675.95 | Members Price: £642.15
Aqua Shower Large

Aqua shower Large

Ideal for those that prefer the look of a shower that's not made from stainless steel its also capable of holding a lot more media than a single Stainless steel shower making this ideal to filter larger ponds on its own after a Sieve or Drum filter from the bottom drain also included as standard in the price is a 2 inch spray bar with a lid this would easily run a pond of 5,000 gallons on its own due to the amount of media you could place in this shower.

2 Inch Spray bar already fitted and included in the price!

All Aqua Showers come complete with a spray bar and lid included in the price

Aqua Shower Specifications

:Height:1200mm 120cm 47.5 Inches

:Width:416mm 41.5cm 16 Inches

:Length:990mm 99cm 39 Inches

:Inlet pipe 2 Inches male thread

:Spray Bar 2 inches with 8mm holes

:Max Flow Rate:30000lph or 6666gph

Pleaase Note: the bottom Tier does not have a screen in it so this can just be filled with the media of you choice.

Our price : £885.00 | Members Price: £840.75

Basket total: £0.00

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