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Dissolved oxygen is a vital and volatile substance! Oxygen depletion in ponds lakes and fish rearing tanks has serious consequences for fish health. In deep lakes, stratification causes massive volumes of water at lower levels to be dangerously low or devoid of oxygen. Shallow lakes and ponds can be rapidly depleted of oxygen during hot weather. An increase in water temperature promotes an increase in microbial activity, fish will be more active and feed more, these activities consequently increase the demand for oxygen, however as the temperature of water rises the concentration of dissolved oxygen falls. During summer months, and in particular during thundery weather dissolved oxygen can be very quickly reduced to the point where fish are seen gasping in distress at the surface.

The Dispersion Tool(Air Stone or Disc)
This is the part that diffuses the air into the water. There is a vast array of these dispersion tools available in different shapes, sizes materials and quality.

SPECIAL NOTE: when using more than one dispersion tool there is a need to balance air distribution evenly, often still necessary even when using stones of the same size.

This is very simple to achieve by the fitting of valved manifolds or single minature 4mm valves see section on air fittings and manifolds.

Another way of achieving this is by varying pumping depths of individual stones, or slightly less effective varying the lengths of the 4mm airline feeding the appliances.

ALSO: If you have no choice other than to site the Air Pump at a level below that of the water in your pond remember to fit non return valves. If at all possible we would advise to always try to site the pump at a higher level. Your pump will always perform better without non returns (They do add extra back pressure to the system) More back pressure = less air .

The Air Pump
This Item of kit produces the air for subsequent infusion into the water. Several different types are available please see our section on Air Pumps

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