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  Air Pumps

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Unless otherwise stated all electrical items are 220-240 Volts

There are two main types of air pump available One is Piston driven and the other works with Diaphragms.

Examples of both are shown below.

On the left are the budget Piston driven from Hailea next to these are the top of the range Medo pumps again these are Piston operated, next is an example of a top class Airtech diaphragm and lastly on the right a range of budget Hailea Diaphragm operated types

Fish and other pond life require oxygen rich water in order to remain healthy. Filter bacteria, essential to the beakdown of highly toxic ammonia and nitrite, also require oxygen to flourish and keep the pond free from the build up of toxic waste.

An air pump can help by injecting air directly into the water via an airstone. These can also be placed in the filters to encourage beneficial bacteria.

Aeration is especially important in warm weather when water holds much less oxygen. Also in winter, the steady stream of air bubbles will keep the pond from freezing over, preventing the build up of toxic gases.

SPECIAL NOTE: when using more than one dispersion tool in conjunction with a common manifold there can be a need to balance air distribution evenly, often still necessary when using stones of the same type and size.

This is very simple to achieve by the fitting of valved manifolds or single minature 4mm valves see section on air fittings and manifolds.

Another way of achieving this is by varying pumping depths of individual stones, or slightly less effective varying the lengths of the 4mm airline feeding the appliances.

ALSO: If you have no choice other than to site the Air Pump at a level below that of the water in your pond remember you will need to fit non return valves. If at all possible we would advise to always try to site the pump at a higher level (above the water). Your pump will always perform better without non returns (They do add extra back pressure to the system) More back pressure = less air .

Where to site the Air Pump

We at Coastal Koi recommend to site the pump in a well ventilated dry and cool place. This would apply even to the weather proof types.

Try wherever possible to site the pump so it draws in fresh air. If the pump is situated where high concentrations of airborn bacteria or perhaps exhaust fumes are present these will inevitably be transfered to the water.

There are many arguments as to whether this has any direct effect on marine life. We at Coastal tend to think there just might be so we keep an open mind on the issue and always try to site these pumps sensibly.

PUMPING DEPTH : This is a very difficult area to assess with low / medium output pumps and will vary considerably depending on the type and number of dispersion tools used. We have generally tried to put a from / to depth in individual descriptions. This figure is only a guide and might represent the difference between using Ceramic disc/s at one end of the scale and perhaps a couple of low back pressure air stones at the other.

Finally, oxygen is essential when treating fish diseases because many treatments deplete oxygen from the water and also sick fish require higher levels of oxygen.

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