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  General Information ..........Stainless Steel Window Frames


Constructed from from 40mm x 40mm x 5mm Stainless Steel complete with six 75mm x 40mm x 5mm fixing lugs,

Illustrated on the left is our standard stock frame.

External dimensions:- 925mm X 535mm

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Owing to an increasing number of customers requesting window frames in other sizes we have extended our manufacturing process to include one offs.


Illustrated left are some various widow frames recently constructed.

The longest at the rear was a little over 3 Meters in length by 0,60 mtr high.

Additional lugs are fitted to enable easier and more secure fixing.

Additional ..........important Information for all window frames

Please note the window frame alone May not fully resist the outward pressure of water in a large pond / tank.

In other words the opening for the window has to be rigid enough to resist the outward pressure of a large pond or tank.

This will be more relevant with frames in excess of a meter long and will need to be taken into consideration during the build of the individual pond or tank.


Glass Specification :: Most people opt for 2 x sheets 8-9mm toughened glass laminated together.

Fitting the Frame :: Generally the frame incorporates various lugs to facilitate fitting (location only)

Bedding the glass into Frame :: From surveys carried out most people seem to opt to use a Polyflex sealant for bedding the glass into the frame.

Once fitted water pressure acting outwards on the glass / frame will maintain the integrity of the installation.

PLEASE NOTE If at all unsure how to successfully fit the frame and the glass we would strongly recommend it is left to the services of an experienced pond builder.

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