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  General Information ..........Chemicals for Ponds & Pond Fish

For pond or Aquarium Water testing please goto >>>>> Water test kits

Chemicals available for use within aquatics to say the least is vast and often confusing. and can be a bit of a minefield especially for anyone recently entering into this fascinating world of fish keeping.

To this end we will endeavour to include links to various items / manufacturers and or suppliers of the different chemicals we sell.

Further more here at COASTAL KOI we would always recommend where the use of chemicals is involved If you are not sure then please make enquiries.

First up some GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS ( All Treatments )

As a general rule of thumb don't mix medications or pond treatments unless called for in the instructions

Increase aeration if at all possible before during and after treatment.

Finally if in any doubt as to the problem when treating fish ailments we would always recommend a scrape. Using the wrong chemical apart from the cost element, will delay the treatment and can sometimes do more harm than good.


When using chemicals always wear gloves and safety glasses. Read the instructions thoroughly and take note of any special precaution for that particular chemical.


Below are some of the major suppliers of chemicals we stock. Unfortunately we can't keep in stock every last item from all of manufacturers, but do attempt wherever possible to have a fairly comprehensive range.

Please follow the manufacturers links below to obtain the latest information

The first one is >>> NT LABS <<< a company that doesn't need a great deal of introduction, and is a major supplier to the aquatics industry.

Another first class company is >>> KUSURI <<< again doesn't need a great deal of introduction, and is also a major supplier to the aquatics industry.

More information >>>>> Water test kits

More information >>>>> Pond additives and chemicals

More information >>>>> Topical treatments

Chemicals This page is still under construction and will take a some time to complete and even then will require updates from time to time. Please bear with us on this one.

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