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  Pond construction ............... Pipe and Pipe Fittings

FOR WASTE & PRESSURE PIPE SIZE TABLES Please see further down page.

For more information all pipe & fittings please goto: Pond plumbing

For information 4mm -10mm fittings please goto: Airline accessories

At Coastal Koi We believe we have one of the most diverse and comprehensive selections of pipe and pipe fittings and equipment for the Koi Pond enthusiast in East Anglia

Ilustrated below top are examples of some rubber flexible connectors

specifications. The sizes relate to the relevent size of Grey Pressure pipe. but can be adapted to fit waste pipe and metric sizes when the O.D. is not vastly different from the pressure pipe size

Please see pipe sizing table at bottom of page.

FLEXIBLE RUBBER CONNECTORS We are often asked if a particular size is OK for a certain pipe size.

FOR EXAMPLE If we take the 3" size :: Depending on the type of fitting ie. bend, connector, or 'T' etc. The actual ID (internal diameter) ranges between 80mm - 90mm.

At both extremes the fitting will tighten up to a 75mm size pipe.(90mm ID fitting Will nip on to 75mm pipe) and also fit over a larger size. They are indeed very versatile and adaptable.

Can be invaluable when connecting to many Vortex seives etc. that are not solvent weldable. please see Flexible Rubber Fittings for more info.


This time on the left are the fittings required when using flexible Pipe (Tube) as an alternative to the more permanent hard piped pressure or waste pipe system.

Once again always a comprehensive selection available at COASTAL KOI

For more information Pipe & fittings please goto: Pond plumbing

IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding plumbing (pipe fitting) operations.

As the various component parts (Fittings, Valves & Pipe etc.) have to be fitted together, it is neccessary to ensure that dimensionally all the component parts fit together.

There are two systems generally available for pond plumbing and are referred to as Waste pipe size and Pressure pipe size. Please see following table.

ACTUAL PIPE O.D.(Outside Dimension) is shown in mm in RED below

Waste pipe sizes: 1.11/2" ( 43mm) :: 2" ( 56mm) :: 3" ( 83mm) :: 4" ( 110mm)

Pressure pipe sizes: 1/2" ( 21.3mm) :: 3/4" ( 26.7mm) :: 1" ( 33.6mm) :: 1.1/2" ( 48.3mm)

2" ( 60.3mm) :: 3" ( 88.9mm) :: 4" ( 114.3mm)

Metric system another size becoming increasingly common is metric sizing, and in the E.U.it is often used as a standard, the most common size being 50mm (50mm O.D.)

New fitting added to our catelogue is a reducing sleeve to convert 50mm metric size to our nearest imperial size 1.1/2" pressure pipe ( 48.3mm O.D.)

CONVERTING FROM PRESSURE TO WASTEThis is possible with the addition of Reducer Sleeves. these can be found in our pond plumbing department >>>>> Reducer sleeves. These sleeves are often referred to as Slide valve sleeves.

SPECIAL NOTE VORTEX & SIEVES etc. most vortexes and Sieves are not solvent weldable. Therefore connection could be made with a rubber flexible joiner please see Flexible Rubber Fittings.

*** Please note *** Many D.I.Y stores (B&Q and similar) plus builders merchants often stock pipe that does not marry up to the standard range of fittings used in pond construction.

Any stated specifications are for information only and do not represent anything other than our own interpretations, and may or may not be the manufacturers specifications.

For more information all pipe & fittings please goto: Pond plumbing

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