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  Product Evaluation and testing ..........Ozone

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Introduction to ozone

An Ozonizer is the ideal method for keeping the pond water in optimal condition. It not only results in clean water but also healthy fish. Because harmful waste products such as ammonia and nitrite are converted into harmless compounds, the fish quickly achieves a better condition and this gives them more resistance to stress and illness. Ozone also delivers so much extra oxygen to the water, this not only benefits the fish but also creates the enormous extra growth of nitrifying bacteria... and the Koi themselves will be so much more healthy and active.

What is ozone

Ozone is a sort of super oxygen. Instead of two oxygen atoms (O2) it has three such atoms (O3). This state can be achieved in various ways such as through the use of high voltage. Ozone is however unstable and results in the ozone trying to revert as quickly as possible back into oxygen. Ozone seeks out a substance that it can oxidize so that the original state is quickly realised. In this way a very powerful oxidizer is created that not only environmentally friendly is but also leaves behind no waste products. With its task completed it leaves only pure oxygen in the water.


Ozone has been used for years in the purification of water. In particular swimming pools have benefited because it results in the use of less chlorine. Drinking water also benefits in this way. For sea aquarium hobbyists it has for years formed a successful combination with a protein skimmer to remove both ammonia and nitrite. Such apparatus however either had a restricted capacity or were alarmingly expensive for professional applications. Through new techniques Ozonizers have become more affordable and are now available for the purification of complete fish ponds.

WHAT IS AVAILABLE and value for your hard earned:

I don't think any other subject raises as much concern over value for money as Ozone.

At this point I can't stress strongly enough the price of the eqipment is 100% relevent when dealing with Ozone producing apparatus. the item costing up to a ?1000.00 more is very likely to be 1000% better.


It is only fair to say there are many differing views on this and we would be the last to say we know it all.

All we can say at Coastal Koi is we try to evaluate fairly and wherever possible give an honest answer.

UV-C / OZONE SYSTEM ........................COMBINATION LAMP and MIXER

The use of ozone is a natural process which is artificially created by the UV-C Redox unit.

The equipment consists of an air pump, a UV-C/ozone combination lamp and a static mixer.

The Air Pump carries air past the combination lamp which produces about 0.6g of ozone.

The loaded air is mixed with water in the static mixer where an oxidation process takes place. Once disinfection has taken place then the water mixed with ozone is carried past the combination lamp again but this time there is a quartz glass housing as a partition.

The water is exposed to UV-C radiation (25w UV-C output) so that 99.9% of all algae, bacteria and viruses are killed.

The UV-C radiation also completely breaks down any residual ozone. The equipment produces ozone which is 100% safe there is no ozone left in the water flowing out.



This is being evaluated as an in house system at the present time and will be reported on very soon. More information and pics will follow soon.



Tube with specially designed internals that infuse the Ozone gas (03) into the water flowing through.

A very efficient method excellent performance and could well be incorporated in D.I.Y. systems.



Ilustrated top left is the model HLO-800 and is supplied with a separate air pump.

Smallest of the budget this one is rated at 0-100 mg/hr adjustable. The dial is marked 0-50 not sure why but assume some form of Chinese interpretation.

Second down ilustrated left is the model HLO-810 with an output of 200mg/hr Has an internal air pump and is non adjustable.

Both these models have been about for some time now and have been well tested, and for budget priced items perform very well when installed and used as recomended. (Dry cool damp free )

Please note: the above small generators plus the one ilustrated below are budget price items and are only a fraction of the cost of some of the better more exotic state of the art generators currently available.

NEW BUDGET 0-300mg GENERATOR... model HLO-300

Ilustrated left adjustable between 30-300 mg / hr
Has an in built timer 1-180 minutes. and comes complete with its own internal air pump.

Will run continuously when timer switch is set to off.

Digital display for timer and % ozone

Recommendations We feel this particular item has not been around long enough for us to give any accurate assessment yet.

Only to mention it has more internal electronics than it's predecessors. whether this is good or bad, is difficult to assess.at the present time. If proven reliable can only be good.

In conclusion Compared to top class Ozone generators costing considerably more, these budget priced items are never going to be as good.


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More information on Ozonisers

More indepth information including redox measurement etc.

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