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  Product Evaluation and testing ......Koi Handling Equipment

We at COASTAL KOI consider product evaluation very important within our overall sales strategy, with a policy of only offering for sale items that we consider suitable for the purpose and to the best of our ability correctly described.

By carrying out our own in house evaluations on most products we sell and applying a high percentage quality control system of checking, we try to meet the needs of our customers.

When dealing with Top quality products by leading manufacturers : The names Aquamax Sequence Nexus Etc. spring to mind, the need for quality checks and evaluation is not quite so important. We tend to concentrate our in house evaluations on the lesser well known budget priced imported items.

Recent Trials and Evaluations

Page still under construction This page is a recent addition please accept our apologies if the answer you were looking is not available yet.

Please find below the results of some of our findings:-


Either round or rectangular in shape they are all basically used one way or another in the safe handling of your treasured fish.

Within this category it is fair to say product quality does vary, and follows the old addage the more you pay the better the product. Having said that we at Coastal Koi keep a close watch on quality checks.and generally reject anything we consider less than acceptable.

When the word Delux is mentioned the product is going to be excellent quality, with the word budget being used to indicate a quality value for money item.

Delux 1 Mtr Measuring Tank (Small)

One of the best quality measuring bowls on the market made from fibre glass superb quality

Delux 1 Mtr Measuring Tank (Large)

Again a top quality measuring bowl made from fibre glass superb quality

Budget Measuring Tank

Measuring Bowl 80cm x 50cm x 30cm 31" x 20" x 12"

Koi measuring,or inspection bowl,or for taking pictures of your koi ,they are made from plastic and come with a measuring scale in the bottom which can measure to 65cm

This Tank although much cheaper than the truly excellent professional ones above. In our view an excellent value for money Tank

More information on the above Please goto >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Measuring Tanks


Japanese Floating Basket

Not much to say about the genuine Japanese Floating Basket.

Apart from being undoubtably the best and safest way to inspect treat photograph show your prized koi.


Koi Socks by Norfine Nets

Manufactured by one of the leading hand-held net manufacturing companies in the UK.

Norfine nets needs no real introduction suffice to say they supply all over Europe, And as far afield as Australia and America.

Including supply to the likes of Disney World Florida where Norfine Nets are used exclusively in aviaries and for in butterflies houses.

Well balanced handle : With a black tight mesh taffeta net very gentle on the fish.


Two sizes available a 9" X 36" and a 11" X 36"

Also available is a 11" X 36" Waterproof


Small Inspection Bowl 18" x 10"

Inspection Bowls are an essential piece of equipment for bowling Koi when inspecting them or treating them


Medium Inspection Bowl 26" x 12"

Various shapes an sizes are available. Choice to a certain extent will be dependant on the size of fish being kept

This Medium size bowl has a measuring scale on the inside of the bowl and measures from 5-100ltrs very handy when treating fish.


Large Inspection Bowl 34" x 20"

The different sizes of tanks an bowls we stock will generally be priced according to size and of course quality.

All our bowls are generally sourced to offer excellant value for money even the budget ones.

Very high quality as with Fibre glassed over plastic will warrant a higher overall cost.

LARGE STOCK / QUARANTINE Tank 120cm x 60cm x 60cm

Stock tank /Quarantine Tank ideal for holding small Koi in or can be used as a small quarantine tank

Dimensions are : L 48" x W 24" X D 24"


Flexible Vat Bowl

90cm diameter x 60cm High (36" x 24") Flexible vat

Total capacity (filled to top)would be a maximum somewhere in the region of 375 ltrs. (approx. 80gls.)

Nominal capacity at 7-10cm (3"-4") down from top would be somewhere in the region of 325 ltrs (approx. 70 gls.)

For more information please goto: More Koi Handling

This page is still under construction Items of interest will be added soon. Thank you for looking.


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