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  Product Evaluation and testing ......Bottom Drains and Accessories

We at COASTAL KOI consider product evaluation very important within our overall sales strategy, with a policy of only offering for sale items that we consider suitable for the purpose and to the best of our ability correctly described.

By carrying out our own in house evaluations on most products we sell and applying a high percentage quality control system of checking, we try to meet the needs of our customers.

When dealing with Top quality products by leading manufacturers : The names Aquamax Sequence Nexus Etc. spring to mind, the need for quality checks and evaluation is not quite so important. We tend to concentrate our in house evaluations on the lesser well known budget priced imported items.

Recent Trials and Evaluations

Page still under construction This page is a recent addition please accept our apologies if the answer you were looking is not available yet.

Please find below the results of some of our findings:-


These can be supplied in various types and sizes and are generally regarded as an essential pieces of kit for the serious koi pond keeper.

There are various different types but all have the main function of tranfering the water under gravity back to the filter system, and are generally available with or without an aerated top.

They would normally nowadays be installed during pond building process.


More information goto >>>>> Large Sump/Tommy Drains


Fitted with the latest world beating E.P.D.M. Membrane manufactured by the German company Gummi J'a'ger.

Jaeger aeration elements are designed for stirring and aeration of water in activation and out gassing tanks for sewage water treatment plants or for the aeration of other liquids, such as fish breeding ponds, water tanks and for the pneumatic flotation.The fine bubble aerators are fitted with a rubber membrane made from EPDM rubber (Ethylene Propylene). At a certain air pressure the perforated membrane opens and the air begins to flow in the form of fine bubbles. The membrane is not perforated over the inlet air hole and serves as a check valve to cover the inlet hole during shut down of loss of air supply.

Without doubt one of the very best diffusers of this type to be found anywhere in the world.

The diaphram can handle 200Ltrs we recommend between 30-175 Ltrs

More information goto >>>>> Aerated Bottom Drains

RETRO FIT AERATED TOP for the standard Kockney Koi 4" Large Sump Drains with a spigot (short piece of pipe centre bottom of Drain) size of 48mm 1.9" (1.7/8")outside diameter

For other spigot sizes please contact us for advice

Two types avalable

The smaller of the two has a full 230mm (9") Diameter rubber diaphragm and is seen here fitted to a Kockney Koi large sump drain.

Both the 9" and the 12" are shown above and below fitted to a Kockney drain
The diaphragms in both models can handle 200Ltrs we recommend between 30-175 Ltrs

Tis one the larger of the two has a full 300mm (12") Diameter rubber diaphragm, also seen here fitted to a Kockney Koi large sump drain.

More information goto >>>>> Bottom Drains and Tommy drains


These superb diffusers with a top quality EPDM Membrane can also be supplied separately for inclusion within your own design they have a Male 3/4" BSP thread on them.

Two sizes are available One with a 230mm Membrane (9"Dia.)

And one with a 300mm Membrane (12" Dia.)

Product Evaluation and testing Page still under construction


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