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  Product Evaluation and testing ..........Other Water Filters

For latest on our own Range of Beed filters for More info click here

We at COASTAL KOI consider product evaluation very important within our overall sales strategy, with a policy of only offering for sale items that we consider suitable for the purpose and to the best of our ability correctly described.

By carrying out our own in house evaluations on most products we sell and applying a high percentage quality control system of checking, we try to meet the needs of our customers.

When dealing with Top quality products by leading manufacturers : The names Aquamax Sequence Nexus Etc. spring to mind, the need for quality checks and evaluation is not quite so important. We tend to concentrate our in house evaluations on the lesser well known budget priced imported items.

Please find below the results of some of our findings:-

Recent Trials and Evaluations

PRE-FILTERS The compact sieve illustrated below is just one of many devices that can be used as an alternative to vortexes, Brushes, Foam etc.etc. for the removal of solids in suspension.

For other Sieves and Pre-filters please goto >>>>> more info

Illustrated above A-D are various ways a dewatering sieve can be employed within the pond keeping environment.

A). Shows it being utilised for removing solids prior to discharge directly back to pond via a waterfall / Stream or similar.

B). As a mechanical solids Pre-filter prior to a Biological main filter set up.

C). Could also be connected to an existing pumped pond skimmer system. please note will still need to be above pond wate level.

D). Also when required, could be connected to a pond Vacuum set up. This would require either additional pipe work with a valved bypass'T' on the inlet side , or a swop over of the relevant feed pipes. Care might be needed when used in this mode that the total capacity of the sieve is not exceeded.

For other Sieves and Pre-filters please goto >>>>> more info



Not much to say about these except they are our opinion an essential piece of kit for every Koi keeper. for more detailed information please see link below.

For more information please goto >>>>> Water purifier



Generally this type of filter would be used for final water pollishing.

PRESSURE DROP a question often asked. and can be a little unpredictable

This pressure drop across the filter (head) will vary considerably from very low (when clean), to fairly high when (in need of cleaning)



This top class cartridge filter needs no real introduction the name Waterco speaks for itself.

Will fit to 1.1.2" pressure pipe (Unions supplied)

Manufacturers Specifications

1). Filtration area : 4.6 sq mtrs.
2). Working flow rate: 190 ltrs/min.
3). Max pressure 350 kpa : (50 psi)

Additional info. please goto WATERCO and select Trimline filters



Two sizes

50gls./min Overall Dims. = 750mm x 250mm
Pleated cartridge (50 sq/ft.) 495mm x 177mm with 75mm Dia. centre.

70gls./min Overall Dims. = 900mm x 250mm
Pleated cartridge (70 sq/ft.) 645mm x 177mm with 75mm Dia. centre


THE PLEATED FILTER ::: This type of filter is generally employed for final (small particle) water polishing, and performs extremely well in this area.

Gives a superb polish to the return water.

Also very easy to maintain please see link below.

For more information & cleaning please goto >>>>> Cartridge Filters

Please note When using either the pleated type above or the Sand Filter type below in their standard form they will not perform well when called on to remove a vast amount solids in suspension. These filters are not designed to be employed as stand alone pond filters.


This type again using sand as the media would be generally employed for final (small particle) water polishing.

High grade tanks are manufactured in either laminated or bobbin wound fiberglass reinforced with polyester resin.

Multiport Valve reliable 1.5" 6-position.

A sight glass is provided on the waste oulet to monitor water quality during ther Backwash cycle. this is removeable to faciltate cleaning.

Whether this method or the see through lids on some models that can become dirty on the inside are satisfactory or not is debateable.

At Coastal Koi we would suggest the only 100% way of checking water quality during Backwash is to take a sample from the waste discharge pipe.

A 300mm diameter Top sand charge lid equipped with an easy to read pressure gauge and with manual air vent.

Water purge in the lower part of the filter that facilitates the maintenance operations.

Fitted with corrosion-proof collectors and diffuser that enhance the capacity of filtration.

As sand filters using sand as the media they might be used for final polishing and fine particle removal. This would take place after main filtration and before return to Pond.

(Alternative) USES

As mentioned earlier Sand filters in their standard form
are in our opinion not suitable for stand alone main pond filtration.

Having said this we have recently been researching possible ways of modifying the standard filter and employing other types of media.

This will take the form of extended trials hopefully starting soon.

For latest on our own Range of Beed filters for More info click here

For more information on sand filters please goto >>>>> Sand Filters

For more information on Prefilter sieves please goto >>>>> More info Sieves

For more general information on Pond Filters please goto >>>>> Pond Filters

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