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  Product Evaluation and testing ..........Discs & Diffusers

For more information Discs / airstones please goto: air stones and diffusers

We at COASTAL KOI consider product evaluation very important within our overall sales strategy, with a policy of only offering for sale items that we consider suitable for the purpose and to the best of our ability correctly described.

By carrying out our own in house evaluations on most products we sell and operating high percentage quality control checks, we can meet the needs of our customers.

When dealing with Top quality products by leading manufacturers : The names Aquamax Sequence Nexus Etc. spring to mind the need for quality checks is not quite so important as some of the lesser well known budget priced imported items.

Recent Trials and Evaluations

ANGEL-AQUA CERAMIC DISCS.......With out a doubt the very best available

The 100mm and 130mm ilustrated left are two smaller versions of the well known 200mm Disc below.

These are equiped with a stepped hose tail that will accept either 4mm or 8mm But work exceptionally using 4mm ID air line.

Both of these smaller discs will work well with medium output small aquarium type air pumps at normal aquarium depths.

The ilustration left shows a 40mm ball a 50x25mm small can plus a 4" Ceramic Disc and a 12" curtain in the background all being driven by a the Hialea ModelACO-5503 all at a depth of about 12"

The pump was connected via 2 x Non Return valves and a valved manifold, the latter being neccessary because of the vastly differing back pressures of the different dispersion Stones / Disc etc.

The 200m (8") Ceramic disc below doesn't need much introduction. It is just one of the very best available.With a very low back pressure,and jetting voluum of 20 ltrs / min. This one is equiped with a 9mm hose tail for 8/9mm (3/8") air line.

can be run with low to medium output pumps.
When assessing the suitability of any given pump please remember the 20ltrs / min jetting voluum, the pumping depth has to be entered into the calculation.

Add to this that different manufacturers tend to use different methods of portraying some specifications, in can become a little confusing. At Coastal Koi wherever possible when we have evaluated a particular combination we try to give an indication of suitability.

Please see Video clip


The Coastal Koi Diffuser

These Diffusers are first class pieces of kit, and in a class of their own.

Using the world renowned Gummi- Jaeger EPDM membrane really are one of the best available.

Not much to assess with these diffusers.

They fall into the same category as Aquamax Sequence Etc.

Don't really need much of an evaluation.

Please see Video clip

For more information please goto: Bottom drains & Accessories


These superb diffusers with a top quality EPDM Membrane can also be supplied separately for inclusion within your own design they have a Male 3/4" BSP thread on them.

Two sizes are available One with a 230mm Membrane (9"Dia.)

And one with a 300mm Membrane (12" Dia.)


Air flow rates (nominal) 230mm Membrane 25-100 ltrs / min

Air flow rates (nominal) 300mm Membrane 30-150 ltrs / min


A FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION What pump required to run this Disc, Diffuser, or for that matter any dispersion tool. Unfortunately there are no hard and fast rules.

1). Pumping depth is of upmost importance.

2). Whether the pump is to be solely dedicated to said item

3). How much spare capacity is required, it is relatively easy to lose a bit air , but impossible to gain more.

3). The cost bearing in mind that, generally the higher the price the better the pump.

There are exceptions to this rule, one being the excellent ACO-97-- series air pumps from hailea


These excellent Diffusers are the very latest addition to this manufacturers range of superb aeration devices.

Supplied in different lengths they offer straight forward instalation within a wide range of applications.

Illustrated left are the four sizes in stock all are supplied with a 8-9 mm 3/8" tail


The synthetic rubber EPDM(Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer) has excellent OZONE resistance, heat resistance, solvent resistance and weather resistance


10 ins :: 20 ins :: 30 ins :: 40 ins


1.1/4 ins

1). 250x30mm Membrane area 240 sq.cms.37 sq ins) Jetting vol. 10-15 ltrs/min

2). 510x30mm Membrane area 480 sq.cms.74 sq ins) Jetting vol. 20-35 ltrs/min

3). 760x30mm Membrane area 720 sq.cms.110 sq ins) Jetting vol. 30-55 ltrs/min

4). 1000x30mm Membrane area 960 sq.cms.150 sq ins) Jetting vol. 40-75 ltrs/min

For more information please goto: More diffusers

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