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  The various treatments for common ailments listed below might help in diagnosing a problem and finding a treatment.

Carp Pox
Associated with regular round large white spots that are very wax like in appearance. Can be treated with Acriflavin, Koivits or Medikoi Health Food.

Costia (Ichthyobodo)
Costia is very infectious, causes intense irritation, flashing followed by exhaustion and lethargy. Can be treated with Malachite Green, FMG Mixture, or Pond Salt Plus

A bacteria that infects wounds on fish and can kill rapidly. Stacks of growth resemble fungus. Can be treated with Gill-wash, Acriflavin or Permanganate dip.

This is an internal bacterial / viral complaint that causes swollen, protruding eyes, raised scales (like a pineapple), and is often associated with buoyancy problems.

The symptoms include whitish fluffy tuffs on the skin, debilitation and irritation. Can be treated with Malachite Green, FMG Mixture, or Pond Salt Plus.

Fish Louse, Leeches or Anchorworm
Visible lice, anchor worms, leeches or internal nematodes. Can be treated with Malachite Green, FMG Mixture, Pond Salt Plus, Acriflavin or Permanganate dip.

Symtoms are associated with fish gasping at surface, flicking, flashing, periods of lethargy, clampin fins and loss of colour. Can be treated with Formaldehyde, B.D.S, Salt

Symptoms show as a whitish cotton wool like growth on local areas of the fish. Can be treated with Malachite green or Permanganate dip

Tail, Mouth or Fin-rot
Shows as an external bacterial infection in effected areas. Can be treated with Io-sal, Acriflavin, Ulcer Swab, Wound Seal or Paramedic kit

Symptoms include flicking, flashing and excess mucus production. Can be treated with Formaldehyde, FMG Mixture,Potassium Permaganate,or Salt

Ulcer Disease
Minute spots to massive deep open ulcers, severe debilitation of fish. Internal infection results in dropsy. Can be treated with Io-sal, Acriflavin, Ulcer Swab, Wound Seal, Permanganate dip or Paramedic kit.

Viral Tumours
Indicated by hard, jelly like lumps over the fish body.

White Spot
Fine white spots on body of fish like grains of salt. Sometimes white spot can be very hard to spot with the human eye. Can be treated with Malachite Green, FMG Mixture or Salt

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