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  Topical treatments are needed when trying to heal wounds and ulcers

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Propolis Food Suplement 500ml

Our price : £32.95 | Members Price: £31.30
Roccal Wound Cleaner 100ml (Kusuri)

This wound cleaner is used topically by spraying as a pre-cleanser on open wounds, prior to further wound medication. Can be sprayed onto stainless steel surgical instruments as a steriliser before use.

Available as a 100ml bottle.

Our price : £14.99 | Members Price: £14.24
Top Coat Sealer 50ml (Kusuri)

This is a liquid sealer with anti-bacterial properties. It can be used independently or as an additional covering over the top of Orahesive powder.

Use as a final coating over treated wounds and split fins, etc.

Available in 50ml bottles.

Our price : £13.50 | Members Price: £12.82

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