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  These Budget priced Generators from Hailea work on the high voltage Corrona discharge principle and are therefore extremely economical to use, and in recent years have become somewhat more affordable.

Below is an extract from the HAILEA instruction leaflet.

1) HIGH EFFICIENCY STERILISATION. Sterilisation using ozone is 1.5-5 times quicker than ultraviolet light and 300 to 3000 times faster than chlorine.

2) WIDE USAGE. Ozone has the funtion of killing germs, viruses, parasites and microbes. In addition it , removes odours and clears poisonous / harmful chemicals. It also can aid in curing tail rot, erythema, scale disease and mold.

3) ECONOMICAL AND CONVENIENT. It only uses air and oygen as raw materials, therefore requiring no medicines and additives. Power output only 10 watts.

4) NO SECONDARY POLLUTION. It has no by product or remainder after reaction so therefore does not create any further problems.

More information including redox measurement

More information on Ozone

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