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Coastal Koi, as Norfolks leading Japanese Koi and dry goods dealer, has built it's reputation on providing high quality goods and services at a price that is affordable to all koi keepers. That reputation is growing and spreading country wide, and with our growing members club offering you a further 5% discount on all products, more and more people are finding out that Coastal Koi can deal with all your koi keeping requirements, and do so in a friendly and professional manner

With a wide selection of fully quarantined Japanese koi always held in stock, and a strict bio security policy in place, you can be sure that any koi purchased from Coastal Koi will be in the best of health and will be a great addition to your existing pond.

You'll also discover that whether you're looking for just a few pond accessories or everything you need to complete the pond of your dreams, Coastal Koi can provide you with it all and at a price that's right for you.

This is just one of the many reasons why more and more people are now choosing to use Coastal Koi

Please Note: All our Koi are fully quarantined for a min 6-7 weeks which includes Heat ramping twice we are also regulated and inspected along with our quarantine facilities by CFAS...for more information please go to our Koi For Sale Page

Covid-19 Update

For the time being we would appreciate it greatly if you would still adhere to wearing masks when entering the Shop,this will be relaxed in time but not just yet whilst infection rates are as high as they are,we really appreciate your co operation

Dave & Kate

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