Auction Day (11th Nov) Mon 25th Nov 2013

Auction day this was one of the main reasons for this trip this year, as we had several customers who were interested in bidding subject to prices of course but after seeing how many other dealers as well as breeders were also there for the auction along with internet live bidding i just knew this was going to be very difficult and difficult it proved to be although there were some really excellent koi there I personally think auction fever was the key word today as some went for just to much.

This is just a small sample of the Koi available in the auction in total a 149 Koi were entered.

Another sample of what was available,there were Koi from 45cm up to 85cm including for me a couple of really excellent quality Shirio Utsuri which unfortunately were well above my or should I say my customers budget shame really but this is the down side to auctions and auction fever.......!ie I must have syndrome.....

Another vat with some excellent quality Koi but once again the prices for these were just too high,unfortunatly it seemed every koi that was on my list to bid for was either on one of the breeders list also, or on a buyers list from countries where the hobby is so buoyant at present making it just so difficult to compete on buying Koi at these prices shame really but just the way it is at the moment just to give one example a Yamabuki ogon 85cm went for 1.2 million yen so aprox 7,500 plus shipping plus Vat making this aprox a 10,000 Koi landed here in the UK and thats without putting a penny profit on this purchase so hope this gives you some insight to what we are up against when trying to purchase certain Koi.

Another Sample of some of the larger Koi entered including a very nice Shusui and a larger Sanke

All the auction koi were bowled and placed onto a trolley and wheeled up and down the isle where bidders could take a last look before bidding

Day 2 (9th Nov 2013) Tue 19th Nov 2013

Second day on the farm and again it was very busy again as even more dealers had turned up who were there to buy also to attend the auction but we still managed to buy a few more but unfortunately were unable to even get pictures off these as we were just too busy and having to move very quickly to allow the next dealers to pick but we will as soon as we get them back take pictures.

On Day two it was also a chance to look at a few of the Koi we bought last year and left for 1 season in Ogata Sans mud ponds you can see the results above the Shiro Utsuri was 52cm when we bought her last year and when harvested this year she was 60cm we are really please with this Koi the body has developed well the Sumi is still developing also and the skin quality was excellent we have decided to bring this Koi back and will now be offered for sale.The sanke was also left last year and again was 54cm and when harvested she was 66cm very good growth and she has put good length on but the body is a little slender at the moment Ogata San has said she will body up once back in the uk we have also decided to bring this koi back and she will go into the poly tunnel pond for next year where we can improve the body shape,we also had another sanke which has done really well size once again 66cm and has also now has a much improved body shape and has excellent skin quality unfortunately we did not get a picture of her so will take one asap so overall the koi we left we are very pleased with and have this year left a showa we selected so fingers crossed for next years havest.

Another purchase on day two was this superb Sansai Shiro Utsuri size aprox 66cm I just could not turn this one down this is female with a great body for growing large the skin quality is superb and Ogata San has said once back in the uk in a concrete pond the sumi will become stronger and much better this Koi looks absolutly stunning in a bowl a Koi that will just get better and better in the future sometimes its very easy to keep looking to much for the perfect pattern on a Shiro Utsuri but when the skin quality is as good as this one you really don't have to worry to much about this factor as great skin quality will always make for a better Koi long term than one with a more pleasing pattern but has very average skin quality Apologies for the poor picture quality they really don`t do this koi justice better ones will be taken when the Koi are back home and have settled in.We did also buy some more Nisai as well today but due to the vast amount of other dealers who were also there as well it was very difficult to find the time to take pictures of all our purchases but we will as soon as all the Koi arrive back in the uk take pictures of them all tomorrow is the day of the Ogata auction I am a little nervous seeing how many other buyers are also here now with more arriving tonight and tomorrow so I think its going to be very difficult but at the same time very interesting so fingers crossed.

Day 1 Sellecting Koi Nov 8th 2013 Tue 19th Nov 2013

When we arrived on the farm it was nice to see Ogata Sans house had been finished when we were last here in March the foundations were only just being put down and here we are several months later and his new house,office and packing facility has been completly finished workers were just putting the final touches to the Japanese garden which also looked stunning and will look even better when this is completed.

As soon as we arrived on the farm is was very clear we were in for a very interesting time selecting the Koi we required as there were so many other dealers from all over the world there also I think I counted at least another 20-25 so by far the most I have ever seen there at any one time just had to hope they didn't want to all go in the same ponds......

Due to the large volume of dealers there Ogata San only netted half the Koi in any one pond at a time and drew balls from a box to see who could select first I never like this idea but I suppose no one else does either but this did make it very hard to select the Koi I required for customers as one pond not one single Shiro Utsuri was in my Koi I had to select from this was a bit disapointing as I had several customers who wanted one and the ones left after every one had selected were just not the quality I was looking for.

A small sample of some of the Koi we managed to buy these vary in size but most are aprox 50cm-55cm appologies for the quality of the pictures they all look far better in the flesh better pictures will be taken of all the Koi once they arrive home

Another sample these are slightly smaller aprox 45-50cm a very nice Doitsu Kujaku and a very clean Doitsu Hariwaki along with a Showa and 2 Goshiki once again very sorry for the picture quality things were a little rushed due to the amount of people selecting but again better pictures will be taken once they arrive

Arriving at Seoul ( Nov 7th 2013) Tue 19th Nov 2013

Arriving at Seoul airport this is a fantastic airport especially if you like your duty free shops,we have a 3 hour wait before our connecting flight to Fukuoka I now much prefer this route than flying to Narita first.

There is always some very interesting entertainment going on at Seoul airport gives you something to do whilst awaiting our next flight.

Once we arrived at Fukuoka and cleared customs and immigration it was off to our Hotel in Kurume City which is aprox 40mins drive away then straight out to dinner with Ogata San and his wife Hiromi ive said this before but the hospitality we are shown whilst in Japan by Ogata San is nothing short of fantastic,after dinner having now been up for aprox 30 hours is was time to get some sleep and look forward to day 1 selecting Koi.

Arrived Safely (Nov 7th 2013) Thu 7th Nov 2013

Well after the usual 29 hours travelling door to door we have arrived once again, it seems to get no easier what so ever regardless of how many times you travel to Japan but on the up side the temp is 19 degrees and looks like we are in for a few nice warm sunny days,we have been out for a quick bite to eat with Ogata San and several of the other foreign dealers,tomorrow will be our first day on the farm along with another aprox 20 dealers.......!so this should be fun.Hopefully tomorrow ill have some pictures to post of the first Koi we have managed to secure

Autumn buying trip (Nov 5th 2013) Tue 5th Nov 2013

Tomorrow we leave for Japan for the Autumn harvest which will once again see us visit Ogata Koi Farm this trip is only to purchase high grade Nisai and to attend the Ogata Auction I will of course post as many pictures as possible as long as time allows,
I may also have some more exiting news to tell you on my return...........!


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