Day 2 sellection (17th Feb 2012) Fri 24th Feb 2012

Day 2 we normally head into fish house 3 where all the smaller and and cheaper koi are housed,we generally go through all 7 ponds which holds koi of various different sizes but all the same grade.

If i can remember correctly there was aprox 6000 Koi held in each pond and as said before we are very luck that Ogata San lets us go through all of these to make our sellection.

Many koi were sellected from this house and as you can see there are many different varieties from with to choose.

Once we had finished sellecting the Koi we wanted to buy Ogata`s staff would then count all the Koi bought and place them into our holding pond where all our Koi would stay until shiping can be arranged.

Well another days really enjoyable Koi sellecting coming to an end,and really happy with what we have bought so far,tomorrow i am going to hopefully sellect a few very nice Nisai,So its now back to the hotel for a quick beer and await Ogata San to pick us up later for dinner.

Not sure if i have ever mentioned this before on the Japanese diary pages but the hospitality that we are shown whilst in Japan by Ogata San his Wife and all his staff is amazing,One of the best things as a Koi dealer to be able to do apart from sellecting Koi of course, is to every night sit down to dinner with one of the best breeders in Japan and discuss Koi along with many other things as well, this is why i come to Japan to hand sellect all our Koi.

Sellecting Koi (15th February) Tue 21st Feb 2012

Seems like every year i get the same hotel room with the same view could be anywhere really but thankfully its the only place a Koi dealers wants to be and thats Japan!

First day sellecting koi we usually start in Ogata`s fish house 5 where the good grade Koi are always housed,we normally start sellecting after a quick coffee, whilst pondering which ponds to sellect from!We are so lucky at Ogata Koi farm as we are able to hand sellect every koi on the farm from 3-4 inches upwards and generally there is aprox 5-8000 Koi in each pond to sellect from

Small sellection of Koi that were bought this year including some really nice Hariwaki

This year we also bought many Yamabuki Ogon these were so high quality great skin,and clean heads and the colours were superb

Once again this year Ogata San had some fantasic quality Shiro Utsuri to sellect from he really does produce some of the best Shiro in Japan Now many of our customers have won awards with these!

Day 2 (15th Feb 2012) Thu 16th Feb 2012

Today we bought many more Koi in different varieties and sizes,

Sorry for the lack of pictures,but we have just been so busy with very little time to carry out uploads and updates to our Japan diary,i will as soon as possible get the updates on here hopefully later today,

WE have also bought several very nice Nisai i will be taking better pictures of these koi today,

Day 1 (15th Feb 2012 Wed 15th Feb 2012

Today we started sellecting Koi in fish house 5 which is where all the better grade koi are housed,we manged to sellect some very nice pieces from aprox 20-25cm,
But due to be very late back from dinning out with Ogata San i will upload pictures tomorrow as its now getting very late.

Arrived safely (14th Feb 2012) Tue 14th Feb 2012

Well after the usual 29 hours travelling from door to door we are finally here in Kurume City,

This trip gets no easier in fact it seems to take longer each time,must be all in the mind!

Quite mild at the moment 5 degrees but Ogata San informed us when he picked us up from the airport they are expecting snow and cooler temperatures starting the day after tomorrow,So it will really feel like home from home,

After checking in to our hotel we did our usual late night dash to the small resturant across the road its not much to look at, but they do some fantastic kebabs, and beer of course just whats needed to help get to sleep.

As its now getting very late here its now 1.10am in the morning i will now attempt to go to bed and try and get some sleep,

We are on the farm from tomorrow so will as soon as possible update with some news and pictures.

Tosai Sellection Tue 24th Jan 2012

We will once again be in Japan earlier this year i will be leaving on the 13th February,

Please check back as pictures will appear here


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