Japan Calling Spring Dates Feb 2018 Mon 5th Feb 2018

Please note

Our shop will be closed from Sunday February 18th 2018 Until Monday 26th February 2018 whilst in Japan selecting our new Tosai for the season, once again we will be visiting Okawa,Ueno and Ogata Koi farms to purchase Koi to suit all needs sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, we will endevour to post as many pictures of the Koi we purchase whilst out there,dont forget if you see anything you like you can email us and reserver message and contact us on Face book, please don't forget no online orders will be despatched during this time.
This year we will be visiting 3 Koi Farms Ogata koi farm,Okawa Koi farm,Ueno Koi farm ,

If you would like us to look for that special Koi for you then please don`t hesitate in contacting us either by email or by calling the shop on 01485 544284,
we can then discuss your requirements along with budget etc.

You can also email me direct whilst I am in Japan at coastalkoi@gmail.com

Okawa Koi farm are very famous for breeding many varieties but their Kohaku and Sanke are simply superb.
Ueno Koi farm is another superb breeder who produces some of the best Showa in Japan.

Ogata Koi farm who of course breeds many excellent varieties inc Showa,Sanke,Kohaku,etc etc.

Visiting Breeders This Spring

The above breeders are who we will be visiting this Spring as after buying many of their Tosai in the past we know we can offer you the very best of quality at an affordable price


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