Day 3 Selecting at Ogata Koi Farm Mon 29th Feb 2016

Today we selected some really nice Tosai at Ogata Koi Farm

Ogata Koi Selection from Coastal koi on Vimeo.

Day 2 Okawa Koi Farm Mon 29th Feb 2016

Today we visited Okawa Koi Farm where we manged to purchase the Koi below including some really nice Sanke and Orchiba

Okawa Orchiba,Kohaku,Showa,and Shiro from Coastal koi on Vimeo.

Nice Bowl from Okawa inc Kohaku,Sanke,Orchiba and few other varieties,

Okawa Sanke,Kohaku Orchiba from Coastal koi on Vimeo.

Another bowl of what we purchased these are slightly smaller

Okawa Sanke,Orchiba, from Coastal koi on Vimeo.

Another bowl including Gin Rin Sanke,Sanke,and Kohaku

Okawa Sanke,Kohaku from Coastal koi on Vimeo.

3 very nice quality Sanke supurb skin quality

Okawa Sanke from Coastal koi on Vimeo.

We also managed to purchase this extremely High Quality male koi from Okawa the skin quality and body shape is simply fantastic superb Koi for showing in fact its so good Okawa Koi Farm will be taking this to the All Japan young koi show in Hiroshima and the end of March.

Extremley High Quality Okawa Male Kohaku 55cm from Coastal koi on Vimeo.

Another Koi we also purchased for a customer will be going to the young koi show this once again stunning Shiro Utsuri which has an amazing body along with superb skin quality.

Okawa Extremely High Quality Shiro size 57cm from Coastal koi on Vimeo.

Day 1 Ueno Koi Farm Sat 27th Feb Sat 27th Feb 2016

Today we headed of to Ueno Koi Farm although I was possibly looking to purchase a few more pieces than I did, we are however really very happy with the 15 pieces we did manage to secure once again some superb Showa and a few Kindai Showa also these all measure aprox between 28cm-33cm very nice size for Tosai,tomorrow we head of to Okawa Koi Farm so hopefully loads more to show you tomorrow.

Ueno Tosai from Coastal koi on Vimeo.

Ueno Tosai 2 from Coastal koi on Vimeo.

The Video below is just one of Ueno Sans ponds for which he uses for growing on customers Koi a real sight to behold a pond full of superb Showa, we are lucky as we have one in this pond also, which is now Sansai and staying another year in the hands of Ueno San.when purchased as Nisai it measured 56cm in Autumn after 1 year growing it was 66cm so we are really looking forward to seeing this in Autumn

Ueno Growing pond from Coastal koi on Vimeo.

Japan February 2106 Wed 24th Feb 2016

Tomorrow 25th February 2016 I leave for Japan for the first of two Trips on this first trip we will once again be visiting Okawa Koi Farm and Ueno Koi Farm and Ogata koi farm and attending his auction,the shop will be closed from tomorrow until Friday the 4th March,please note all online orders will be despatched as per normal,we apologise if this cause any inconvenience .

The second trip will be towards the end of March this will be mainly to select higher grade Tosai and Tategoi from Okawa and Ueno Koi Farms only,and also attend the AJ young Koi Show in Hiroshima more details to follow...........

If you would like us to look for that special Koi for you then please don`t hesitate in contacting us either by email or by calling the shop on 01485 544284,
we can then discuss your requirements along with budget etc.

You can also email me direct whilst I am in Japan at

Okawa Koi farm are very famous for breeding many varieties but their Kohaku and Sanke are simply superb.
Ueno Koi farm is another superb breeder who produces some of the best Showa in Japan.

Suetsugu Koi farm is run and owned by a young new breeder who is now producing some fantastic Sanke amongst a few other varieties also.
Ogata Koi farm who of course breeds many excellent varieties inc Showa,Sanke,Kohaku,


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