Okawa Koi Farm Day 1 Sun 1st Mar 2015

Today was our first day on the Okawa Koi Farm we managed to select some really nice quality Shiro Utsuri these have great skin quality and will be a very reaasonable price.

A few more very nice Shiro Utsuri and Tancho Showa along with some very nice Gin Rin Saragoi.

We also selected aprox 25 Kohaku all are aprox 28-32cm and all very nice quality along with a few Showa also

Purchassed this superb high quality male Kohaku perfect for showing and has a great body along with skin size aproz 61-62cm,we also bought this very nice quality GinRin Saragoi which is Nisa and aprox 55cm and female

Arrived Safely Thu 26th Feb 2015

This is the first time we have ever flown to Japan using this route Norwich to Schiphol then Schiphol direct to Fukuoka, and i must say we will be using this route again as it saves us so much time,and as you can see by the pictures Norwich Airport was so quiet straight through check in ,nothing like the hassle of going to Heathrow.

Managed to get 3 seats to myself on the long haul flight to Japan this always makes life a little more comfortable than sitting squashed next to someone,so could lie down and take in the view from the window,tomorrow we are off to Okawa Koi Farm so hopefully post more pictures tomorrow once we return.

Japan Dates February 2015 Tue 24th Feb 2015

Our Spring buying trip this year is slightly earlier then normal and see's us leaving for Japan on Wednesday 25th February and returning Saturday 7th March. This year we will once again be visiting 4 Koi Farms Ogata koi farm,Okawa Koi farm,Ueno Koi farm and Suetsugu Koi farm,this will now give us even more chance of selecting the Koi we require,

If you would like us to look for that special Koi for you then please don`t hesitate in contacting us either by email or by calling the shop on 01485 544284,
we can then discuss your requirements along with budget etc.

You can also email me direct whilst I am in Japan at coastalkoi@gmail.com

Please Note:
The shop will be closed whilst I am in Japan from Wednesday 25th February until Sunday 8th March, all internet orders will be despatched as normal, sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

Okawa Koi farm are very famous for breeding many varieties but their Kohaku and Sanke are simply superb.
Ueno Koi farm is another superb breeder who produces some of the best Showa in Japan.

Suetsugu Koi farm is run and owned by a young new breeder who is now producing some fantastic Sanke amongst a few other varieties also.
Ogata Koi farm who of course breeds many excellent varieties inc Showa,Sanke,Kohaku,etc etc.

Visiting Breeders This Autumn

The above breeders are who we will be visiting this Autumn after buying many of their Tosai in Spring and have been so pleased with them, this will now also give us even more choice when selecting this years Nisai and Sansai


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