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Water Purifier/Dechlorinator 36 inch

36 Inch Water Purification Unit

Protect your fish from the increasing amount of chemicals harmful to aquatic life.

For the removal of Chlorine, chloramine, Pesticides, Herbicides and Insecticides.

With the increasing amount of chemicals in tap water, we recommend that you replace the high grade carbon in the unit by the time the maximum gallonage is exceeded.

Aprox Max Gallons: 50,000
Aprox Max Litres: 227300

Please Note: the figures above can vary as its dependant on water quality in your area of the country.

Know how many gallons flow through your unit by fitting a water meter.

Our Purifiers Come Complete With The Following....!

1 x 10 inch Pre-filter with pressure relief button
1 x Spanner
2 x hose click connectors
1 x 36 inch vessel complete with Granulated Activated Carbon
Contains granulated activated Carbon

Our system comes ready to just hook up to mains water and away you go....!

One of the most important pieces of equipment needed in koi Keeping never under estimate how bad water straight from the tap can be,especially in Summer......!

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